Zstep is a step up platform which compensates the movement of the vessel during access and egress of the turbine foundation ladder.

Zstep has been tested in the OWEZ North Sea windfarm for one year without any maintenance or inspection requirements. Watch here the Zstep-operation in the North Sea:

The film clearly shows during the moment of stepping over the Zstep-platform moves simultaneaously with the vesselbow. This results in a step over the vessel to offshore ladder and vice versa without any risk for the maintenance technician. Zstep can be integrated in new boatlandings or retrofitted to extisting ones. It also can be applied in other situations such as transfers from crew tenders to:

• Accommadation vessels
• Jackup barges
• Supply vessels

Overview Zstep integrated in boatlanding

Tender to accommodation vessel Tender to jackup Tender to supply/support vessel Tender to turbine