Zport is a mother ship designed to accommodate intrafield transfer vessels (ITV) and maintenance crew on far offshore locations.

The current design offers a safe harbour and dry berthing for 6 ITV and offers comfortable and spacious lodging for around 90 maintenance crew and 20 ship’s crew Ample space for workshops and spare part storage is available on main deck level.

Special design features of Zport will provide a very stable platform (see the computer animation below) even in the worst weather conditions.

Zport can easily be equipped with lifting equipment to take over parts from stationary structures in high seas, as shown on the artist’s impression. The design also makes the vessel very suitable for ROV operations for pipe or cable recovery and repair.

• Zport in a significant wave height of Hs=3.5 m, where the maximum-wave height for turbine crew transfers with the Z Lift/Catch system is specified at Hs=2,5 m.

• Zport having the wave height at the entrance of the port reduced by 60% to approx 1,5 m, further reducing to 1,2 m at the harbor end. In these conditions entering the harbor, recovery of the vessel and transfer of the crew will take place very safely.

• Zport itself hardly moves thanks to its specific construction details acting as a wave-damping device.